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Free configure

Configure the server for free by purchasing any of the products

Instant activation

Instant activation after payment automatically

Easy installation

Very easy to install with a few simple commands

Cheap Price

Very cheap price compared to original licenses

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Use the secure PayPal portal

Support all day

Free support all day via ticket and call

Cheap cPGuard License

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$2Per Month

  • CSP System
  • Unlimited User,Server
  • Normal Update
  • Immediate and automatic delivery
  • Ability to update from the main server
  • Easy installation of permissions with a simple command
  • Without any interruption
    Permanent support for any licensing issues
  • Ability to change the IP license up to 2 times

About cPGuard


A Complete web app security suite for cPanel and DirectAdmin Servers

Smart Antivirus : Detect and block viruses, malware, spyware, redirects and symlinks before they affect you

Least resource demand : Our powerfull smart analytics is carefully designed to have the least effect on your server’s performance.

Cloud based Auto Clean : Automatically send infected files to our cloud based analysis engine and push a cleaned file back to the server.

Easily customizable : Options for customized mails,adding watch directories, whitelisting users and files and user defined database.


Advanced Intrusion prevention and Bruteforce protection

Captcha protect login pages : Protect CMS admin login pages and other  user-defined pages against a wide range of automated brute force, dictionary, and other attacks from bad bots

CMS Bruteforce protection :Prevent large scale Brute force attacks from taking down your site. An essential security feature that monitors and controls distributed attacks before they affect you .


ModSecurity rules for Webhosting

ModSecurity rules from Malware Expert are based on intelligence gathered from real-world investigations, penetration tests and research data in the REAL LIFE environment

Optimized ModSecurity rules : Rules for SQL injection, XSS, local and remote file include, file upload vulnerabilities, zero day attack, web shell exections

WordPress and CMS Vulnerability fix : Protect your WordPress, Joomla and Drupal website from attacks and vulnerabilities.

Generic Apache and PHP rules : Advanced filtering, security and intrusion protection for PHP websites and applications.

Real-time Intrusion protection  : Protect your web applications effectively against malwares, botnets and hacker attacks at all times.


The SharedLicense website offers cheap cPGuard licenses with the same basic features for just $ 2 a month.

Compatible with the latest cPanel updates as well as the problem of 30 user restrictions in our system has been solved.(Unlimited User ) - PayPal is Available - CSP System 100% Stable - Telegram Channel : @sharedlicense