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Cheap JetBackup License

One of the best cpanel backup software is definitely jetbackup. Get a jetback license for just $ 2 a month

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JetBackup License

$2Per Month

  • Immediate and automatic delivery
  • Ability to update from the main server
  • Easy installation of permissions with a simple command
  • Without any interruption
    Permanent support for any licensing issues
  • Ability to change the IP license up to 2 times

About JetBackup

JetBackup is a backup plugin for servers with Linux operating system and cPanel control panel. It can be said to upgrade the backup section of cPanel. Because cPanel has limited features in its backup section by default.

But jet backup has more capabilities than cPanel itself.

Among the special features of jet backup, we can make backups from different sections, such as:

  • Full backup
  • Files
  • Databases
  • Emails
  • SSL settings
  • DNS zone
  • And …
    Note that all can be stored in predefined backup spaces after backup and can be restored by the user (customer) at any time.

Set up multiple executables to back up
By default, cPanel can only set a full backup period. But in jet backup you can set several different periods with several different types of backups.

For example, you can set up weekly full backups of server accounts.

You can also set backups of databases on a daily basis.

You can also set up daily backups of files saved in the last 24 hours.

And other types of backups.

In general, we can say that the main feature of jet backup is the same if you can use it to buy hosts on the server in different types and in different periods.

Compatible with the latest cPanel updates as well as the problem of 30 user restrictions in our system has been solved.(Unlimited User ) - PayPal is Available - CSP System 100% Stable - Telegram Channel : @sharedlicense