Enable ModSecurity in cPanel

In this part of the tutorial, we are at your service by activating ModSecurity in cPanel
To activate and increase server security, which also reduces server load, go to the following address in cPanel :
Home »Security Center »ModSecurity™ Vendors »Manage Vendors

After entering this section, click on Add Vendor and use the following links depending on your web server type

LiteSpeed : https://waf.comodo.com/doc/meta_comodo_litespeed.yaml

Apache : https://waf.comodo.com/doc/meta_comodo_apache.yaml

Note that some comodo rules cause problems in shared hosting that you should disable

To disable the rules, go to the following address :

Home »Security Center »ModSecurity™ Tools

And after entering these 3 IDs, search and disable

210740 – 211680 – 210831