Shared CloudLinux License

SharedLicense Features

Free configure

Configure the server for free by purchasing any of the products

Instant activation

Instant activation after payment automatically

Easy installation

Very easy to install with a few simple commands

Cheap Price

Very cheap price compared to original licenses

Paypal gateway

Use the secure PayPal portal

Support all day

Free support all day via ticket and call

Cheap CloudLinux License

Cheap CloudLinux License if you need Cheap CloudLinux License with cheap price & no limit you can try our shared CloudLinux License only 4.5$

Also enable cloudLinux + for $ 1.5 a month

Popular Choice

CloudLinux License

$4.5Per Month

$1.00 Setup Fee

  • Immediate and automatic delivery
  • CloudLinux + support
  • Ability to update from the main server
  • Easy installation of permissions with a simple command
  • Without any interruption
    Permanent support for any licensing issues
  • Ability to change the IP license up to 2 times

About CloudLinux

CloudLinux is a CentOS-based operating system that provides hosting companies with many features, including security, speed, and proprietary resources.

Some of the features that CloudLinux provides :

  • Ability to assign complete dedicated resources to each account with the LVE Manager tool
  • Increase operating system security with SecureLinks to prevent Symlink
  • Increase account security with CageFS tool
  • Ability to use multiple versions of PHP on the server with the PHP Selector tool
  • Low RAM cache by Mod_lsapi tool
  • And …..

CloudLinux can be installed in a variety of ways
And you can even convert Centos to cloudLinux with a few commands.
Or install the CloudLinux operating system separately with Iso

CloudLinux company gives you free use for 30 days

Cloud Linux Trial License

And after 30 days you have to buy a license

I suggest that if you are a hosting company, be sure to use the CloudLinux operating system for security and speed

Compatible with the latest cPanel updates as well as the problem of 30 user restrictions in our system has been solved.(Unlimited User ) - PayPal is Available - CSP System 100% Stable - Telegram Channel : @sharedlicense