What is a Shared License? How it Works

Many people worry about a shared license or even ask how it works
In this article, we try to explain to you in full


Why was a shared license created?

Developers of programs like cPanel started working at a reasonable price after a while and the user tried to increase the cost of their services.

Most users object to this action and declare that they cannot pay
But cPanel did not change its pricing policy

And most users had a large number of users on their servers and it was difficult to transfer them to other control panels.
That’s why different teams built SharedLicense so that low-budget users could still use the service.

And this product was very well received
Because it helped a lot of people so that their business would not be destroyed

How does SharedLicense work?

In fact, we have a master server that has an original license
And with the methods we have
We will direct your server license section to our server, but the updates are still from the main site.

If you have any questions about the licenses, you can contact us via ticket
Good luck