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Free configure

Configure the server for free by purchasing any of the products

Instant activation

Instant activation after payment automatically

Easy installation

Very easy to install with a few simple commands

Cheap Price

Very cheap price compared to original licenses

Paypal gateway

Use the secure PayPal portal

Support all day

Free support all day via ticket and call

Cheap Plesk License

Providering 2 types of dedicated and virtual plesk licenses with $ 3 per month

It is also possible to purchase plugins with shared licenses

Popular Choice

Plesk License - vps

$3Per Month

  • Best Quality
  • Direct Updates
  • Free Installation
  • Free Configuration
  • Free LetsEncrypt

Popular Choice


$7Per Month

  • Best Quality
  • Direct Updates
  • Free Installation
  • Free Configuration
  • Free LetsEncrypt

About Plesk

What is the Plesk control panel?

Parallels Plesk panel (Plesk) is one of the most important multi-purpose control panels owned by the US company Plesk, published by the US brand SWsoft in 2003 under the brand name Plesk, which is in Russia to find and start To activity done. Plesk control panel has gained popularity in the field of hosting and server due to its assets and attention to the site and webmasters due to its support for both Linux and Windows operating systems and platforms.


Plesk control panel applications

Using the Plesk control panel, you can easily control and manage your host settings without the need for technical knowledge in this field. Among the control panels offered for Windows hosting, most of them are not stable and have a low degree of reliability, Plesk control panel with a strong and convenient interface with the help of Windows panels and its functional features, a new experience in this Provides context for its users. Due to its powerful extensions for server administrators and web developers, Plesk provides the right tools for both graphics and control and management.

You can also use various tools to program your own plugin in open source and finally personalize it, ie install it as a custom and take control of the server yourself using the Plesk API.

The operating systems that support the Plesk control panel are:

Fedora, FreeBSD, CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, Debian, Red Hat

Compatible with the latest cPanel updates as well as the problem of 30 user restrictions in our system has been solved.(Unlimited User ) - PayPal is Available - CSP System 100% Stable - Telegram Channel : @sharedlicense